Sleep Story

Sleep Sloves Everything

Our story of selling good night sleep began with a thought of providing the most comfortable mattress to sleep on. We know that after a long exhausting day anyone could imagine anything would be their bed with comfy mattress. We believe good night sleep recharges you and makes you smarter, faster

Sleep accounts for one-third of the human life span. But what exactly happens when you sleep? Ever wondered why you need sleep? Durafit’s idea from the start was to spread a word for the importance of sleep and best sleep products to sleep on. Sleep is not just a mere solution to your exhaustion. People think that sleep is needed to keep our mind on rest. But rather sleep is a period during which the brain is engaged in a number of activities necessary to live - linked to the quality of life.

At Durafit we are spending many of our waking hours trying to understand the magic that sleep creates and develop the best mattress for you which is responsible for great mental and physical health.